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April 15, 2014

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April 11, 2014

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April 4, 2014

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It is no secret that the name BELL is synonymous among the motorcycle and racing communities for innovation in helmet design. Named after the town where the company was originally located in California in 1954, Roy Richter founded BELL after realizing a need for higher safety standards among the racing community. BELL was the company to develop the first full-face helmet, introducing the Star in 1968. And the granddaddy of all hispster headwear, the original BELL 500-TX helmet is on display in New York City at the Museum of Modern Art.
Fast-forward to 2013 and BELL is still at the forefront of helmet design with 12 different models available for the street and 4 available dirt models. No matter what price range or style you are looking for, Bell has a helmet for you. The biggest problem for you the consumer is that there has been no local BELL retailer for you to buy from in Nashvegas, until now.
As of August, Castle Powersports will be your go-to BELL retailer for the greater Nashville area! You asked for it, we listened, and we responded! Now when you roll out of our showroom floor on a shiny new Triumph Thruxton or Honda CB1100 you can do so while sporting a shiny new Custom 500 protecting your dome. If a Kawasaki Vaquero or Honda F6B is more your style you have to check out BELL’s brand new Rogue with faceguard. Perhaps you have been eyeing up that KTM RC8 1190 or the all-new Triumph Daytona 675; you will have to try on The Vortex with the crazy “Flying Tiger” color scheme.
We gradually will be expanding our selection of BELL helmets but as of right now here is a quick overview of the three models we have in stock:
The Custom 500:
The Custom 500 –
This is the grandson of the original 500-TX with modern touches in finish, styling, and safety. If you are looking for the perfect helmet to complement those 510 Levis you are sporting while the heat wrap is smoldering on your ’76 Honda CB550 then look no further. This is the helmet to complete your style.
My favorite part of this helmet is the quilted liner because not only is it extremely comfortable but it also adds to the overall look and quality of the build. It comes in a variety of designs and colors ranging from plain and simple to the Good Times color option with the words, “Here for a good time” emblazoned in bright orange swirled metallic paint.
Focusing for a second on what a helmet is meant for, protecting our brain cage in the event of a spill, the Custom 500 incorporates a modern fiberglass shell. Adorned on the front of the helmet are a series of snaps, which allow the rider to attach a visor or a vintage style bubble shield to keep the flies out of your teeth.
Prices range from $99 to $139 dollars depending on color options.
The Rogue:
The Rogue –
The Rogue is the newest helmet in BELL’s lineup and is a hybrid mix of a half helmet, ¾ helmet, and a full-face helmet thanks to its magnetically detachable muzzle. This is the perfect helmet for all of the big stripped down muscle cruisers currently tearing up the asphalt across America.
This helmet is the perfect mixture of Mad Max styling, all day comfort, and modern amenities such as its integrated speaker pockets, which allow the rider to install a variety of intercom systems without any modifications needed. Its lightweight design (tipping the scale at just under 3 pounds) means you can ride all day without neck and shoulder fatigue unlike some of the heavier helmets on the market.
Price is $249 and includes the removable muzzle.
*BELL wants us to remind you that the muzzle is purely aesthetic and does not offer the same level of protection of a true full-faced helmet.
The Vortex: 
The Vortex “Flying Tiger” – Photo by: Spurgeon J. Dunbar
In my opinion this helmet should be called the hornet because it reminds me of an angry hornet in attack mode. This is a full-face helmet with styling that implies you are not just going to ride through a corner; you are going to attack it. No matter what weapon you choose for battling it out in apex of a curve, the Vortex will make an excellent shield.
My favorite feature on this helmet is BELL’s quick release shield. Unlike my Arai which feels like I am going to smash the plastics to pieces while I am changing shields, The Vortex’s quick release system is smooth and fluid and it is very easy to use. I wish all of my helmets were this simple.
The Vortex features BELL’s patented Velocity Flow Ventilation System, which they claim actually sucks air through the helmet keeping you cooler during these blistering Middle Tennessee summers. The Vortex also features a comfort liner with removable interior and the same speaker pockets that we talked about on the Rouge. Being that it is both DOT and Snell approved I definitely recommend giving The Vortex a try on your next trip to the hills of Eastern Tennessee.
Price is $179 for all color options.  
All BELL helmets come with a 5 year warranty which includes a 50% “Crash Program”. If you ending up crashing your bike and damaging your helmet, BELL will give you 50% off your purchase of a replacement helmet. It is programs like this that set BELL Helmets apart from their competitors.
Come down and visit Kevin, David, Bill, and Zach at our parts counter, let them fit you up, and then check yourself out in the mirror to see how pretty a new BELL helmet can make you look!




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